Top 5 Unexplored or Hidden Places in The Pink City - Jaipur
November 19, 2021

Top 5 Unexplored or Hidden Places in The Pink City - Jaipur

If you are desiring to view the Pink City from inside then you should know some of its unexplored or hidden places. Jaipur, the royal capital and state of Rajasthan is surrounded by the Mewar empire. This city doesn't only have ample varieties of forts, palaces, and restaurants. Instead, it has some treasures inside its heart that are still unknown to most people. However, if you want to see something unique and extraordinary, then you should plan a visit to this wonderful city.

There are numerous luxurious hotels where you can choose to stay while exploring some unexplored destinations in Jaipur. But The Trade International is one of the best hotel in Jaipur. Their hospitality service is very amazing and offers all the facilities at the best prices. Now let's start knowing the hidden places through this blog:

Hidden Places in Jaipur - 

Garh Ganesh

The Garh Ganesh is one of the oldest yet offbeat places in the Pink City. It is located on the unknown hills of the Aravalli hills. However, to reach this temple, people need to do hard trekking. But once people reach this temple, the view from the above is worth it and they can forget the hard trek they have followed. Also, you can seek blessings from Lord Ganesh once you reach the top of this temple.

Galta Temple

Another unexplored place in Jaipur is the Galta Temple which is popular for its natural springs. You can find this unexplored place at the National Geographic temple as there are a lot of monkeys. It's majorly located on the Delhi Agra highway through the mountain path. To reach this Galta temple, you need to climb up and then descend to get inside the temple. Also, it has one holy pond.

Chulgiri Jain Temple

This is one of the beautiful Jain temples surrounded by the Aravalli hills and is also the hidden gem of Jaipur. Like the Galta temple, it's also located on Delhi Agra highway. But you need to climb up to 1000 stairs to get inside this temple. As soon as you reach here, you can enjoy the wildlife and beauty of this place. This place is not like an ordinary crowded place.

Chandler lake

Chandler lake is a beautiful lake and is visited by many migratory birds during winter. Tourists can come here to watch birds and to fall in the beauty of Chandler lake. It's located on the Kota Jaipur highway and gives a unique experience in Jaipur. Here you can also find the rustic Jaipur lifestyle.

Amer Sagar

You can visit Amer Sagar if you want to visit the most unexplored place in Jaipur. It's the 17th-century lake that supplies water to Amber and Jaigarh forts. It's located near Amer Fort between the Kheri Gate and Anokhi Museum. If you want to get the best experience here, then plan your visit in the monsoon season.

These are some of the unexplored tourist gems of the Pink City. By staying at The Trade International Hotel, you can start your journey to the above-mentioned places.

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