What Business Travellers Want from Us: Hotel the Trade International
March 14, 2023

What Business Travellers Want from Us: Hotel the Trade International

The necessities for business travellers' lodging

What do travellers on business look for in a hotel? The most important factors are quick and dependable Wi-Fi, a suitable workstation, and closeness to the core business centre.

Along with good food and drink selections, a seamless check-in and check-out process, and safety are other crucial factors. Below you'll find our comprehensive reference on what business travellers should look for in a hotel, as well as our helpful guides to lodging in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Sydney.

Your manual for lodging while travelling on business

Maintaining a schedule when on business trips is crucial for maximising productivity. Whether business people are gone for a single night or a whole week, if you're the one who coordinates their travel, it's your responsibility to It is your responsibility to ensure that the lodging is well equipped.

What should a hotel provide for business travellers?

1. Reliable access to the internet

It should be no surprise that a quick, dependable, and complimentary Wi-Fi connection is one of the top hotel needs for business travellers. There shouldn't be any daily data limits and there should be an easy-to-use Wi-Fi connection in every room, not just in the lobby, as an excellent hotel alternative. Wi-Fi will be standard in a hotel that is designed for business travellers, not as an extra.

2. Sufficient workspace

A business traveller requires a specialised workspace to maintain high productivity. Depending on your visitors' needs, that may be a spotless desk with in room or a lodging choice. with a conference or meeting room accessible. Even some hotels are adapting to the changing demands of business travellers by building shared or co-working facilities. There may be a unique coffee shop or private meeting pods in the hotel lobby. Make sure to verify with the traveller before making any lodging arrangements and reserve any necessary meeting spaces.

3. Proximity

Finding lodging near your travellers' meetings can save you the trouble of having to travel both to and from a hotel. Choose a hotel in either a convenient location if you possess the money to do so, saving your guests' time and cash on local transportation. Additionally, they won't have to worry about making it on time.

If your guests need to take the public transportation, ensure sure they can reach their transportation alternatives on foot. They won't be pleased if the nearest railway station is 5 kilometres away.

4. Checking in and out quickly

The procedure for arriving and departing should be quick, easy, and involve minimal effort from the business travellers. The last thing they'll desire to do when the arrive is filledfill out ten paper papers, especially if they've just spent 17 hours in the air or are visiting a new nation. Before the business travellers come, communicate with the hotel and provide as much data as you can, so all they have to do is present ID.

5. Fitness centres

Business travel is not a vacation, Thus, the majority of travellers wish to continue their usual workout routine. That means a fitness centre on-site or close by is essential for many travellers. The hotel may provide subsidised concession passes to adjacent gyms or may have a designated area for exercise. Additionally, some hotels could provide yoga or group exercise courses.

6. Food and beverage

It's crucial that your business person has quick access to wholesome meals.

Let's begin with breakfast, which is the most significant meal of the day. Make sure the hotel you choose has dependable room service or a breakfast buffet because your business traveller won't want to waste any time in the morning hunting for somewhere to dine and get coffee. It's crucial that the hotel has a restaurant or nighttime in-room dining. Check to see whether the hotel can accommodate any special dietary needs that your business traveller may have. Ensure that staples like bottled water, tea, and coffee are available in the rooms.

7. Ironing board and iron

The simple iron, a need for any business traveller. To ensure that your business person arrives at the office wrinkle-free, look for hotels that provide easy access to high-quality ironing equipment.

8. Safety

Your top focus should be the safety of your business travellers. Choose a hotel that is staffed around the clock or has digital access restricted to customers if they are travelling alone or are visiting a new place for the first time. Your travellers will also want a safe in their hotel rooms if they are bringing valuable equipment.

9. Options and price

The majority of business travellers even though they don't have to pay for their personal lodging, they'll still be on a budget. Consider your budget carefully, seek for solutions that provide the most value for the money, and give travellers a few options. They will value having the option to select the solution that best suits people.

10. Flexible programme for loyalty

If your firm travels frequently, it's conceivable that you'll go to the same place more than once, perhaps several times a year. Ask if they offer flexible rewards program your business could join and benefit from once you've located the ideal lodging. It's a fantastic method to get paid for returning customers.

11. Several outlets for power

This little yet unexpectedly significant point. As a result of our increased reliance on technology, every hotel room you reserve needs to contain a good number of strategically placed power outlets. Whether everything else fails, ask if a power extension plug may be provided by the hotel.

12. A relaxing, peaceful night's sleepLong days are a part of business travel In order to have a decent night's sleep, a hotel must have comfy beds due to the long days and brief nights. Especially during the winter, make sure the hotel has extra pillows, blankets, and electric blankets available.If your traveller has trouble falling asleep, rooms with blackout drapes might be a terrific choice. Ask for just a room in the rear of the building or at a higher level is if hotel is located in a popular neighbourhood.

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