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What are the tips for hosting an accurate kitty party?
October 21, 2021 2 min read

What are the tips for hosting an accurate kitty party?

What is the fun and exciting way of meeting your friends once a month? It's a kitty party only. Kitty parties are an amazing way of keeping your busy schedule away and meeting your friends with whom you haven't met for a long time. The kitty party trend is nothing new, but organizing this event has changed a lot. Earlier, kitty parties were organized or hosted only at homes. But nowadays ladies prefer to host their kitty parties in a big hotel like Hotel The Trade International. Here, ladies don't need to do anything. From food, beverages, to games everything will be arranged by the professionals of the hotel. Whatever your kitty party needs are, you can get everything done at this hotel. Hotel The Trade International is the leading in kitty party services. Moreover, they will make sure that your kitty party is carried out properly. If you still want some tips for organizing the kitty parties, then look at the following tips below


Once you decide on your kitty party venue, the next thing to do is to send an invite to your friends. Here if you want to save a lot of money, then you can easily go paperless and see invites to your friends. The e-card will be expensive like paper invitations. On e-invite, you can choose your favorite theme without worrying about its cost.

Be prepared

You need to be sure that you are the host of the kitty party, you should reach the venue before everyone arrives. Therefore you can be able to see that all the preparation is up to the mark and as per your needs and desires. You should look at whether the crockery and bowls are perfect for your theme or not.

Pay attention to the menu

You should be prepared with the menu so that you can enjoy yourself with your ladies during the party. You can order the food and beverages as per your choice and also by making your friend's choice your priority. Hence, you don't need to look for last-minute preparation with the hotel staff.

Keep everyone engaged

You should give a lot of time to your guests and make sure that you are interacting with them during the party as well as managing other things as well. Here you can finalize some games to be played during the event.

These are the few tips you can follow to arrange the kitty party event with Hotel The Trade International. Solve your all queries with them today. 

What are the items required for the successful birthday party event?
October 21, 2021 2 min read

What are the items required for the successful birthday party event?

A birthday party event is the most memorable moment of our life. Whether it's a kid birthday, teenage birthday, or adult birthday, everyone is crazy about this special day. And desires to make it even more special than the previous year. Here, The trade international hotel can be your perfect partner. Whether it is about organizing a normal birthday party or a theme-based birthday party, the professionals of event managers excel. They can make your happy day, even more, happier with their services. This is one of the leading hotels where you can carry out your birthday celebrations. But only having a perfect spot for a birthday party event is enough? No, because a great birthday party event goes well when everything is ready and excellent with all the stuff ready. If you are interested to look at the checklist of necessary birthday party event items, then read this blog till the end.

Birthday cake

Nowadays birthday cakes are not limited to kids. Even teenagers and adults also love to cut cakes at their birthday party events. When you are placing your order for a birthday party event, make sure that the party is theme-based. It matches the theme perfectly. And also it should have beautiful candles arranged on them.

Entertainment rentals

If you are arranging your birthday party event in a hotel like the trade international hotel then you can avail of their entertainment rental service. They can arrange good magicians, bouncy castles, karaoke machines, live music, etc to make your event amazing and beautiful.

Party favors

Even party favors are a crucial element of birthday party events. You can choose candies, chocolates, bubbles, etc to distribute amongst your guests as a complimentary gift.

Food and beverage supplies

The hotel staff will manage all the food and beverage supplies if you order them in advance. They can arrange the food as desired by you and also different types of beverages including soft drinks, cocktails, juices, cocktails, etc.


You can invite a lot of people including your friend and colleague as per the space you have booked for your birthday party event. Mostly you can accommodate 50-150 persons in the hall of hotels.

These are the few birthday things that you need to take care of for a great birthday party event. Also, you can hand over the stuff to experts. Connect with the the trade international Hotel today.

How to organize a corporate party event?
October 20, 2021 2 min read

How to organize a corporate party event?

If any business desires to establish a long-lasting relationship with clients and customers, it needs to know the method of organizing a successful corporate event. Whether it's about hosting a 300 people product launch or employees training, corporate party events are necessary. There are many places where you can arrange corporate events. Like hotels, restaurants, etc. If you are discovering the leading hotel to carry out your corporate party event. Then no one can be better than The Trade International Hotel. They are top in managing all corporate events well. The professionals and staff use various techniques to make any corporate party event successful. Below are the tips you follow to organize a successful corporate event.

Decide your audience before anything else

Before you do anything else for a corporate party event, you should define your audience clearly. Therefore after deciding your audience, you can choose the conference room or hall of the hotel. You should define your format, content, price, location, etc to help you focus on specific goals.

Prepare a list including transportation, lighting, content, refreshments

Now after deciding your audience and place, you should look for lighting, transportation, content, and refreshments. You need to know which type of lighting you require whether colored or white. If you pay attention to all these things, you don't need to feel sorry for anything.

Have a clear purpose for organizing the event

Now when you are carrying out your corporate event, you need to know why you are doing this event. What's your primary goal for organizing the event? Do you want to make the public aware of your brand and product? Or do you simply want to earn potential customers and profits?

Watch out for other industry events before scheduling yours

Before finalizing your corporate event in The Trade International Hotel, you need to watch your calendar. It will help in making sure that your corporate party is not falling during holidays or near vacations. After you look at this, you will be able to target your attendees.

These are the few tips which you can follow to organize your corporate party event in The Trade International Hotel.